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Maggie Smith (Redd)

Maggie Smith, the owner of Studio Nu, mobile hair salon founded in 2009, is a world-renowned professional braider and natural hairstylist with over 20 years of experience. Currently based in Elgin, IL, Maggie has won the attention of of people all over the world with her wicked fingertip skills in hair growth of ALL textures and ethnicities and versatile creative braid styling. Receiving her license from La'James International College in 2012, Maggie has built a braiding & hair growth empire that inspires her peers. Train on naturally textured hair and protective styling, Maggie is the go-to salon for creative freestyle hairstyles and our favorite styles like Knot-less Braids and Feed-In Cornrows. Known for not being able to create the same style twice, the master beautician/stylist has been hired all over the world to be an educator and brand ambassador. Beyond the salon, she recently launched her J.Lee Natural Hair Care Line to the not only to her customers but also to the general public, which was developed by Maggie and has helped to take their brand to another level. Maggie is a proud mother of four beautiful daughters and continues to inspire many up and coming stylists all over the world as she continues to build her legacy. For more information about Maggie, you can follow her on Instagram and be sure to check out more of her work on her channel on Wix Spaces.


Are you bored with your current hairstyle and looking to refresh your look? If you answered “yes,” let STUDIO NU come to your rescue. We can help bring your hairstyle to life, make you look and feel fabulous.



Nu' Tone Color (Full Over)$100
Nu' Tone Color (Partial)$150
Silver T (Full Foil)$200
Corrective Color (Pricing After Consultation)$$$


Shampoo ONLY$22
Shampoo & BlowDry/Curl/Flat-Iron$85+
Special Occasion Freestyles & UpDos$90+
Long/Thick Hair (ADD-ON)$15


At STUDIO NU SALON our braiding specialists are able to execute different braided styles on all hair types. If you want a protective hairstyle with the latest trend like knotless braids or are looking for something more classic like cornrows, we can deliver. Want to be different, request a freestyle braid style customized for you. You can choose from our assortment of braiding options in our booking menu, so schedule a consultation and get your hair braided today!

Cornrows (No Design)$70+
Cornrows (Freestyle Design)$85+
Knotless Braids$100+
Bantu Knots$75+
Large Box Braids (Long)$160+
Large Knotless Braids (Long)$160+
Large Mid-Back Braids$160+
Medium Knotless Braids (Long)$200+
Medium Mid-Back Box Braids$200+
Small Box Braids (Long)$275+
Small Knotless Braid$250+
Small Mid-Back Box Braids$260+
Small Mid-Back Knotless Braid$260+
Braided Freestyle Updo$90+
Biggie Smalls Braids$135+


Starter Loc$95+
Local Retwist$25+
Mohawk Loc Style$35+
Double Barrel Loc Style$40+
Loc Trim Up$15


10 and Younger Catalog. For children with ALL hair types.

**Freestyle Design Braids (Cornrows, Individuals)*$65+
Cornrows (no extension)$45+
Cornrows (extensions)$65+
Bantu Knots$35+
Starter Locs$50+
Loc Retwist$25+
Beads (ADD-ON)$5

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